I am a software developer, entrepreneur, and researcher based in Texas. I spend a lot of my time researching and consulting on decentralized systems, cryptocurrencies, blockchain systems, and InfoSec topics. Some things I enjoy include converting VHS tapes to digital formats, playing tabletop RPGs with friends, TV shows targeted at millennials, Overwatch, and cookies ‘n cream flavored ice cream. I am currently splitting my time between my IoT blockchain security startup Oaken Innovations and the Ethereum Foundation.

Software Development

  • Highly skilled in the Ethereum high-level contract language Solidity.
  • Proficient in web languages (HTML5, Node, JS).
  • Some experience in Java and Android development.

Blockchain Technology:

  • Been working with blockchain technology since 2011.
  • Ethereum expert.
  • Experience with many types of enterprise blockchains.
  • Currently researching/developing blockchain based IoT solutions to improve security.


Middle/High School (2003-2010)

  • Programming and networking classes.
  • Specialized in network security topics, particularly wireless security.
  • Completed a project involving wardriving in my hometown to collect statistics on wireless network security.

College (2010-2014)

  • Researching and working with Bitcoin, particuarly in mining.
  • Completed project around Bitcoin ASIC mining.
  • Heavily involved in the Darkcoin (now Dash) community.


USAA (2014-2016)

  • Stint as a developer in the claims division
  • One of the employee leaders of ASPIRE, a work program to promote women in computing.
  • Spearheaded USAA’s blockchain program and research.

Ethereum (2015-present)

  • Heavily active in the Ethereum community.
  • Contributed to many community efforts involving Ethereum including dapp tutorials, documentation, Reddit/Stack.Exchange moderation.
  • As part of the Ethereum Foundation:
    • Helped run Devcon2 and Devcon3.
    • Part of the security/bug bounty team.
    • Part of the community management and cross-team communcations team.
    • One of the editors of the Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs).
    • Coordinate and run the bi-monthly core developer meetings involving all Ethereum core client teams.
    • Unofficial project manager/coordination manager for the Ethereum Metropolis Release.
    • Performed a variety of DevOps roles.

Oaken Innovations (2017-present)

My full professional history can be viewed on LinkedIn.